Holiday Beach Apartments and Villas Durres

Durres, Golem
1 m2 platz
1-4/4 boden
1 bedroom
1 bad
meer, garten Ansicht
42 750


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Presenting in the market a gated resort of Apartments and Villas in a touristic village in Qerret (south of Durres-Golem).Presenting in the market a gated resort of Apartments and Villas in a touristic village in Qerret (south of Durres-Golem). Property in Durres, Property in Golem, Apartment in Durres, Apartment in Golem.

The resort offers a gated community, water sports, swimming pool, tennis court, restaurants, bar's and more.

The resort is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the Adriatic coast, 10 kilometers south of Durres with a great wide sandy beaches stretching over 10 miles. Fantastic public transport and located only 40 minutes from the Tirana International Airport.

The private gated village offers quality, safety and excellent investment for holiday or buy and let during the summer season.

The apartment buildings are only 4 (four) floors high, thus offering extremely low density of build and every apartment is with balcony facing towards the south and west. Properties are already built and ready to move in.

This area is where many Albanian rich and famous own property or spend weekends or holidays.

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32 000 €

Lalzit Bay Resort und Spa, Immobilien in Albanien

Neue hochwertige Strand-Resort mit Wohnungen und Villen, Albanien Eigenschaft in einem luxuriösen 5 *-Sterne-Resort Dorf in Gjiri Lalzit, Albanien.


TypWohnung immobilie
Platz30-73 m2
39 000 €

Residential apartment complex

The residence has being a success with the locals due to its fantastic location.


TypWohnung immobilie
Platz59.23 m2